Friday, January 23, 2015

Homeward Bound - STEM CP: CE21 Meeting

Hi there Kiki,

I am on the train heading home from the CE21 meeting in Baltimore.

It is so inspiring to see all of the folks doing work in computer science education and hear about their projects.

There were a lot of folks there from the K-5 training this past summer, and it was wonderful to hear about their progress in bringing computer science to elementary schools. A common theme was their teachers want more computer science for their kids, so you know something is going right.

The first night our keynote speaker was Richard Ladner. He shared his work in expanding Computer Science education to all students, especially those with disabilities.

And I think this is why I am so excited to be working in computer science education right now. All of the energy and interest about computer science is not just about the cool new things we can create with coding, but it about how coding can transform the lives of all of our students, no matter their backgrounds or abilities.

Can't wait to talk to you,


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